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Our Flag Means Hope!

Shared Treasure Hunt is a kids-helping-kids program designed to aid underprivileged children while teaching more fortunate youths the value and joy of philanthropy.

Our programs are offered through Whimsicalitea Arts, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit arm of the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences.

Our primary act of piracy is a summer Black Jack Blitz whereby participating scallywags put together a backpack of useful items intended for a less advantaged child's enjoyment. Throughout the process, scallywags follow a treasure map on which they can mark all the loot they collect: from a new toothbrush to coloring supplies, to a favorite paperback.

When finished the backpack would to be delivered to an applicable aid organization or shelter so that a child receives it in time for the new school term. 

Come join our crew as we break the laws of lack and deprivation, 
spreading hope and sharing smiles wherever we sail. 

~ ✥ ~
from Scallywags
from Captains