Home Cabin

Shared Treasure Hunt is the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences not-remotely-for-profit activity designed to aid homeless children while teaching more fortunate kids the value and joy of philanthropy.

Our primary act of piracy is a 21-day Black Jack Blitz, celebrating the fictional pirate, Capitaine Jacques Charbon (nicknamed Black Jack) who raided pirate ships and gave the loot to impoverished children. Families across the nation are invited to participate by collecting 21 items (hence the ‘black jack’ tie-in) beginning 11 July 2021 to be delivered to a homeless child at some point during the three-week period, preferably before school starts in their area.

Participating pirates follow a treasure map on which they can mark off all the loot they collect: from a new toothbrush at the local discount store, to last year’s backpack, to an outgrown hoodie, or favorite pre-read paperback.

The hope is that the recipient will be awed and grateful, and the participating scallywag will feel warm and tingly inside while learning the joys of do-goodery. Any child, anyone who knows a child, or even anyone who merely acts like a child, is invited to get involved.

Come join our crew as we break the laws of lack and deprivation, spreading hope and sharing smiles wherever we sail.