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Our Flag Means Hope!

Shared Treasure Hunt is the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences' kids-helping-kids program designed to aid homeless and impoverished children while teaching more fortunate youths the value and joy of philanthropy.

Conceived in 2011, it's taken our ship 11 years to launch, but as of July 2022, we're finally out on the high seas. Our primary act of piracy is a 21-day Black Jack Blitz, celebrating the fabled pirate, Capitaine Jacques Charbon (nicknamed Black Jack) who raided pirate ships and gave the spoils to impoverished children. 

Families across the nation are invited to participate by collecting 21 items to be delivered to an applicable aid organization or shelter by the end of the three-week period in time for the new school term. While the official blitz runs July 11-31, 2022, participants can customize their own schedule and delivery date based on existing commitments and plans—there's never a bad time to help others. 

Participating scallywags will follow a treasure map on which they can mark all the loot they collect: from a new toothbrush to last year’s backpack, to an outgrown hoodie, to a favorite pre-read paperback.

For those wishing to captain or take part in a local kickoff event in their area, we plan to celebrate on Saturday July 09 2022

Come join our krewe as we break the laws of lack and deprivation, spreading hope and sharing smiles wherever we sail. 

~ ✥ ~

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