Who We Be

Shared Treasure Hunt is a children's philanthropic project sponsored by Whimsicalidocious, the 501(c)(3) arts nonprofit hosted by the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences.

Questions? Reach out to our first mate (admin) Hurricane Heather at STH.Whimsy@gmail.com  

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Nominally helpful links & such

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Email address for HighSeas Heather who be in charge of things far & wide:  STH.Whimsy@gmail.com

Book of Faces private group: Facebook.com/groups/sharedtreasurehunt

Seasonal podcast: on Youtube & on Anchor.fm

Piratical Playlists on YouTube & Spotify 

Hashtags fer fun: #SharedTreasureHunt #STH #OurFlagMeansHope #KidsHelpingKids #CapnBlackJack